Research Areas

Priority Areas

At this critical juncture of Eritrea’s history, there are a number of competing and urgent issues that require in-depth and comprehensive analysis and evidence-based policy recommendations that would empower political actors and the wider public in their engagement with national issues. However, the following areas have been identified as priorities:

  • Research 
    • Opposition Politics and Struggle for Democracy;
    • State Institutions: Security Sector Governance; Public Sector, Public Goods and Services;
    • Constitution: Constitutionalism, the Rule of Law; Justice System; and Human Rights;
    • Foreign Relations: International Relations, Regional Integrations and Geopolitics;
    • Healing the Wounds: Transitional Justice; Social Cohesion; Healing and Reconciliation; Rehabilitation and Reintegration; Peace Education; etc.
    • Forced Migration and its Concomitant Consequences; Diaspora life and its Challenges and Repatriation programs.
    • Dealing with Marginalization: Youth; Gender Equality, Minorities, and People with Disability;
    • Land , Natural Resources and Environment;
    • The Economy: Fiscal and Monetary matters; Productive Sector; Private Sector; Mining and Extractive Industry; Agriculture; Marin Resources; Tourism; etc.
    • National Identity: History, Languages, Cultural Heritages, Customs, etc.
  • Awareness: in collaboration with the Committees for Media and Advocacy and Diplomacy
    • Holding of Seminars;
    • Interviews; and
    • Opinion pieces.
  • Capacity-building:
    • Development of civic education materials;
    • Leadership skills for Youth, Women and leaders of community-based organizations; and
    • Coaching and advisory services for leaders of political organizations;
  • Policy Proposals:
    • Preparation of key discussion documents for Transition.

Activities for 2018

Immediate activities to be carried out in the coming months are the following:

  • Establishment of the core group of the Initiative and adopting operational guidelines;
  • Calling on all capable and willing Eritrean professionals and academics to join;
  • Incremental Formation of specialized research task teams;
  • Creation of Data-base of Eritrean Professional and Academics; and
  • Working towards the establishment of an on-line periodical.