Media Team





Media is very important for society since it is one of the fastest and efficient way to send and receive information on various subjects, most importantly on current affairs. It influences society in many different ways. In the era that we are living today, information age, the importance of media is vital than ever.

Media is the greatest weapon on fighting non-democratic governments. In countries like Eritrea where people are denied free information inside the country, the use of all forms of media is a second to none. For that reason, the Forum for National Dialogue (Medrek) has decided to make the strengthening and expansion of this department a priority.


Media has power to create the knowledge of many things, it is so effective that it can develop people’s perspective in a good way or bad way

  • To have a positive impact on the minds of our society by providing a balanced, accurate information to the public.
  • To gain a public trust and increase number of audience through consistency, professionalism and transparency.
  • To maintain a communication channel between our people inside Eritrea and the resistance outside and expand the media into all forms technology to reach out a diverse audience.
  • Create a platform for the public in general and the political and civil organizations in particular to have a constructive debate on different topics of politics, history, and socioeconomic or sociocultural aspects.



The media department will develop a website in short time that will serve as an information source about FND, secure email domain for all the executive departments.

  1. erimedrek.com will serve as the primary radio/media outlet, and it will be integrated to the main FND website—currently under construction
  2. medrekh.org, is the primary FND website, currently under construction. This page will have all the information on FND.
  1. RADIO

The radio team is currently running with a very few staff members and it needs immediate attention. Therefore, bringing more staff to the team is a priority. In addition, the media department has a plan to have an editorial board, revise the day to day radio program and will make some changes to attract the young audience.

  • Inventory of Equipment that we currently have and the ones we need to buy: Audio equipment, laptops, microphones, headsets….
  • Staff: conduct an accurate account of all of our radio stuff, (Please identify their roles) and determine how many volunteers we need to recruit
  • Operation times: how many days and hours we are covering and plans for expansion
  • Currently we are using satellite service provider but it is costing us a lot of money, we need to research other services that can do it cheaper—if possible.
  • Currently we are only airing on Satellite, but we need to look into a package deal that has Short-wave, Satellite, Internet and phone radios. All platforms should be used.

These days’ Social media is one of the top forms of media where large number of people interact on a daily basis. It is the fastest platform to get any information. Our presence and active participation is in the social media is very important and the media department will accomplish that in a short period of time. Facebook, twitter, youtube are on the lists of the priorities.

  1. Social media should be integrated to both FND websites
  2. Identify people who can help in this project

The media department already set an affiliate-team who will do a research on how to establish a satellite TV that will broadcast in East Africa and the Middle East.  The team will provide the research paper as soon as they complete their study.

  1. Budget for fiscal year Jan 1, 2018 –Dec 31, 2018 must be proposed. (If you want, I can do it for you or the two of us can meet and work on it.)


Finding committed activists and our current financial status are the few obstacles that we may encounter this time. Changing the current culture (status quo) will not be easy.

But the Media department believes that the executive team along with the board will cooperate in filling out any gaps, finding talented media people and find a solution for our financial problems.