The PFDJ regime has isolated Eritrea from its neighbors and the world community. It has failed to play by well-established international norms and has renderedd itself a rouge regime. The regime has incurred an inculculable damage on the image of Eritrea. It will take a long time to improve its badly tarnished image. It is therefore crucially important that the Eritrean opposition in general, and the Forum for National Dialogue in particular, make every effort to show the good side of Eritrea. The regime is an aberration; it neither reflects Eritreans' proud cultural heritage nor history. Eritreans are, by history and culture, law-abiding and peace-loving people.

The Committee on Diplomacy will be responsible for all diplomatic activities. It will:

  • Establish and strengthen DDA Committee and set up regional/national Panels.
  • Raise international and regional awareness of the dismal situation in Eritrea.
  • Lobby governments, parliaments, regional and international organisations, etc., to support democratic transition in Eritrea:
  • The P5 and UN agencies, such as OHCHR, HRC, UNHCR;
  • The EU: the EEAS, the EU COM, the EU Council and the EP;
  • MFAs & MPs in key EU MSs;
  • The AU, African RECs and key states in Africa and the Middle East;
  • International NGOs, think tanks, HR groups, news media, opinion setters, etc.