Dialogue, dialogue and dialogue is what we are all about!

The Forum for National Dialogue firmly believes that dialogue is the best and most effective way to resolve conflicts, narrow differences and promote mutual understanding and respect among groups and individuals. Dialgoue is FND's raison d'etre and the cornerstone of what it is all about. FND would exert maximum effort to promote dialogue and public discourse for the future of Eritrea's democracy would depend on it.

The Dialogue Committee will be responsible for all efforts of creating conducive environment of dialogue among Eritreans to discuss important issues of their country. Towards this end, it will set up workshops to train, particularly the youth, who make up the majority of the population.

  • Promote inclusive dialogue and collaboration within and among pro-democracy Eritrean diaspora groups:
  • Facilitate a workshop of Eritrean civil groups: youth and women.
  • Facilitate a workshop of Eritrean HR advocacy groups.
  • Facilitate a workshop of Eritrean media groups.