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New Leadership, New Direction.

Our objective is to advocate for democracy through dialogue, engagement and participation: Mobilize, Organize, Democratize and focus on actions that get results.

Our success as people is grounded in our collective commitment to the values of peace, justice, freedom, equality, human rights, and democracy. It is these values that inspired and sustained our long struggle for freedom and enabled us to finally realize our national sovereignty. These values, however, have been shamelessly trampled upon by the current regime and have, unfortunately, been let go to join the long catalogue of unfulfilled aspirations.

But this setback is not the end of our story; we can still change it; our resolve to fight is still strong. We, Eritreans, are not known to easily give up; we have an indomitable spirit, and once again, we will rise like the proverbial phoenix and claim our rightful place amid democratic, just and prosperous nations. Against all odds, we have succeeded in the past; and there is no doubt that we can do it now. All that is needed is mobilize and organize our people and lead the way for action.

We urge you to get involved and support the cause for democratic change in any way you can.

In this site, you will find everything you need to learn about the Forum for National Dialogue and the work we are doing to break barriers, unite the opposition and shorten the life of tyranny. In 2018, we are planning in good faith and with all the due dilegence, to once and for all, convene an all-inclusive meeting to remedy the disunity and fragmentation which has bedeviled the opposition for long; and we need every Eritrean to participate and take charge.

There should not be any Eritrean left out or left behind. We're all equal stakeholders.

This is a collective enterprise and it is only right that we shoulder the burden together, so we can reap the benefits together. What we collectively do today will determine what kind of tomorrow we will have.

Please get involved. The future is in your hands.

We want to create an environment where the new generation can stand up and step up: honor the past and build a bright future. 

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Thank you.

The Executive Committee

The Forum for National Dialogue